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I am a Director from Leeds, West Yorkshire and I have been part of this industry since 1995. I have experience of working in four different mediums, Film, TV, Theatre and Radio. I have been a freelance Director since 2005 and at times I have also worked on projects from the USA, UK, Pakistan, India and South India in the UK, Pakistan and Middle East in different job roles.

I have developed, written, directed, produced and packaged many projects and by now I have worked with all the major television channels and production houses of Pakistan as Pakistan's television industry has been my primary market until 2010, when I moved to the UK and adopted it as my new home. I have experience of directing and working on projects ranging from music videos, corporate videos, training videos, short formats, music shows, documentaries, drama series, drama serials, soap serials, TV films and feature films. I have experience of working with children and animals too.


I am skilled in directing single and multi-camera shoots as well as location or set based projects. The maximum number of cameras I have directed on a set-based project was eight, while on location the maximum number of cameras I have directed was three. I have good command on post production, continuity and editing too.

After moving to the UK, I turned my focus to achieve one of my long-held dream I studied undergrad filmmaking course from the very land film was born on. I am now a graduate Director from Northern Film School-Leeds. My graduation film was nominated for Royal Television Society's regional awards for Yorkshire in 2017-18.

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"Past is a place which appears sweeter, greener and warmer than it actually was, this is why we the humans sinfully indulge ourselves in the pleasures of nostalgia."

Waqar Ahmed

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