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Pippa Middleton's Ass

Pippa Middleton's Ass

Pippa Middleton's Ass (2016) Written, Directed, Produced, Edited, Animated, Narrated and shot for 2nd year finals. An experimental documentary short. A satirical take on how the modern media and social media consumes us and vice versa and how it keeps us distracted from the real issues by keeping us busy in nonsense. Experimental Documentary Short Written, Narrated, Edited, Animated, Directed and Produced by Waqar Ahmed Audio Balance Michael Evans Research Colin House Danny Hazam Gratitude: This film follows the convention of an art movement DADA. One of DADA's convention is to create art using pre-existing resources/art. Therefore I have downloaded photos and music and news clips from various online (public domain) platforms to create this film. This film is for academic purposes and not for monetary gains. I hereby extend my humble gratitude to those fantastic and talented individuals/organisations who took/made these thought provoking and inspiring photos/videos/music and hence helped me create this humble piece. Although I have mixed and merged and modified almost all the work but still, without your help it wouldn't have been possible, thank you. Disclaimer: This film was made for educational purposes only. This film is a general comment on our twisted priorities as a global human society and is not in favour or against anyone. I don't intend to offend anyone but if you are offended by some parts of it accept my apologies for that. A film made for my Experimental Film Module's Assesment . BA (Hons) Filmmaking.
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